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Kathies-Knotes 02/24/2007

I've heard it before-- but thought it couldn't be true! Are tobacco companies *increasing the nicotine content in cigarettes? It may seem absurd, or perhaps just a little over-the-top, conspiratorial, to think that while major cigarette companies have been paying millions for anti-smoking campaigns, they've been secretly increasing cigarettes' nicotine content to make them more addictive. But that's exactly what two separate studies, one by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the other by the Harvard School of Public Health, have found.

Psychics 'hired to find Bin Laden'

A church in Florida (or should I say a cult) has had 30 members so far who have gotten a tattoo that says 666,2933,254360,00.html

Associated Press(AP)It is rare to see so many rats congregating in one place in such public view... A TV crew discovered the rat infestation and began filming through a window of the building early Friday. About a dozen rats were filmed racing around the restaurant's floors, playing with each other and sniffing for food as they dashed around tables and children's high chairs. The restaurant was not open at the time, but had been taking people's chicken and taco orders just a day earlier.

02/22/2007- Having a vasectomy may increase a man's risk of developing a rare form of dementia, early research suggests, although more study is needed to confirm the finding.

A police chief who ticketed himself for a traffic violation says that he has received congratulatory e-mails from all over the globe and that he has even turned down money to cover the fine.

Chief Dick Knoebel drove past a stopped school bus with its lights flashing in September, then wrote himself a ticket for $235 and docked himself four points on his driving record. The story surfaced after it showed up in court records and media reports.

Airport Security Scanner Can See Through ClothesIt IS a voluntary choice-- scanner or patdown for those who fail the metal detector:

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seedsyou plant. -- Robert Louis Stevenson

Snow Fun*Build Your Own Snowman*Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco today announced further plans with Louisiana State University to move forward on the LSU-Veterans Hospital in New Orleans.

On Course to Heavenby Billy Graham
This classic sermon by Billy Graham marks the clear road to eternity with God—through Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. “On Course to Heaven” is a great booklet for anyone struggling to find the way. After reading it you can pass it along to someone else for the blessing to continue.
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The Guinness World Records recognizes Bhut Jolokia as the world's hottest chili pepper. It's a naturally occurring hybrid native to northeastern India's Assam region.

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~ A wealthy investor walked into a bank and said to the bank manager,"I would like to speak with Mr. Reginald Jones, who I understand is a tried and trusted employee of yours."

~ The banker said, "Yes, he certainly was trusted. And he will be tried as soon as we catch him."

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